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Distinguished Visitors / Taxpayers of Our Website,
Welcome to our website first!
Our website aims to help you increase your understanding of taxation by simply providing you with tax laws, proclamations, guidelines, manuals and the like.,

Along with the large-scale projects and good governance activities that will change the face of our city, we are working to support low-income residents, especially educating and giving hope to young children.These jobs are based on the revenue you collect. Therefore, recognizing the importance of the income you contribute to the development and prosperity of the country, I would like to convey my message that you should pay your taxes on time, in the spirit of "contributing to the development of my city."
Support for the defense and establishment of those who need support for various reasons should be extended to other taxpayers who are working day and night to fulfill their national obligations by paying taxes on time, by taking the best experience and thanking them. We must embark on the path of prosperity as a nation and as a city by exposing and correcting tax evaders, illegal and unsolicited transactions, tax evasion and theft.
I would like to take this opportunity to convey my message to the management and staff of the structure, recognizing that every penny we collect from the taxpayer community is for the benefit of our prosperity and that stealing is destroying the country and killing generations.
Finally, I entrust this website and our other pages to be used effectively as a means of communication.

Superior income for the prosperity of our city

thank you!
Honor Mr. Mulugeta ,
Head of Addis Ababa Revenue Bureau

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